Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls Solar Plexus

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This set, thoughtfully handcrafted in India, arrives in an eco-friendly gift box made of natural paper and includes a singing bowl, a mallet, and a sewn cushion.

The set comes in a pretty gift box made of natural paper and includes:
1 singing bowl
1 mallet
1 sewn cushion

Plastic free packaging
Support for crystal cleansing
Handcrafted in India
Beautiful decor
Great aid for meditation and yoga
Wonderful sound
Mindful gift

User Instructions
Place the bowl in the palm of your hand or place it on the pillow.
Option 1: Lightly strike the bowl with the padded side of the mallet on the bowl€™s mid-exterior wall to create a pleasant, rich tone. Repeat.
Option 2: Requires more practice. Lightly strike the bowl and before the tone dissipates, circle the mallet on the edge in a clockwise motion at least 5 times. Keep the mallet vertical.
Patience is the key. Enjoy it!


Box: 16cm x 13cm x 10cm Bowl: Diameter 11cm Wooden striker: 18cm


Mallet: Mango wood with synthetic leather
Bowl: Brass & Bronze
Pillow: Vegan satin fabric Banarasi Jacquard
Gift box: Paper

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