Our Story



Founded by Kate Osborne in  2022, sustainability expert, thought leader and craft lover, Considered Store is a collective space to explore the beauty behind the things in our home and the gifts that we give. 

The culmination of a lifelong passion for sustainable living and traditional craftsmanship.

The daughter of a weaver, and the grand daughter, of an artist and a master cabinet maker, Kate has a deep appreciation for crafts.

We began Considered Store out of a simple love.

A love for the things that have been crafted with care, slowly made, and made by hand. 

Our Act of Rebellion.

In a world that moves fast, and standing still feels like an act of pure rebellion. Where things are made to be disposed of and we are forever so far removed from the places and the people who make them. Where machine-made reigns supreme, where “mass produced” makes every living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms a carbon copy cut out of each other. Where the world moves so fast toward fads and trends and endless consumption that the world is unable to withstand. 

We kindly opt out.

We believe there is beauty in slowing down and taking time to appreciate the the world around us and the beauty behind the things we buy.

We aim to live in the moment, in the smiles and in the simplicity of right now.

We strive to be better, but also accept all of our flaws. Every challenge we face we believe drives us to be better versions of ourselves.

We are wanderers, travellers, slow living lovers and sunset chasers. 

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.