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Buddha Wax Melt Burner (Cube)

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We love this stunning Buddha design oil burner is hand-carved by artisans in India. As a work of art in itself, the oil burner makes a unique housewarming gift and provides a creative muse for aroma-therapy purposes.

This product can be used for essential Oils and wax melts. The bowl is flat - please use only a small amount of wax.

Each individual oil burner takes 2-3 days to make due to the detailed hand carving process using soapstone rock extracted locally from Rajasthan in Northern India.

Soapstone earns its name for its soft soap-like texture and is renowned for its thermal properties, making it the perfect material for our oil burners. After carving the design with intricate stone work, each oil burner is then finished in a natural polish.

The extraordinary process produces artistry you simply wouldn't find anywhere else.

Our soapstone oil burners are not only a display of fine and modern craftsmanship, but also reflect a traditional rich history of the craft which dates back to the 7th century B.C. in India.

Made from Soapstone (100%)

*Please note that the soap stone can slightly change colour and bring out shades of red when heated, which is perfectly normal! :)

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